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Defining Power of Attorney

When a person wishes to create a will, they may also create a power of attorney just in case something may happen in the future to incapacitate them from making individual and legal decisions. Each state may vary on how to create the power of attorney. The person who is given the power of attorney […]

Three things to consider for your power of attorney

A power of attorney designates an individual, group of individuals or organization to make legally binding decisions on your behalf. Powers of attorney safeguard your assets and your life when you are not able to handle your own economic or health affairs. Creating a power of attorney is also one of the most ardent processes, […]

Unusual last wills

To leave your surviving spouse the house and all the money in the bank accounts seems like a very normal thing.  Perhaps you might leave a small percent to a charity or church.  Maybe you want your favorite granddaughter to have your wedding ring set to remember you by.  Again, all normal bequests to have […]

What Does a Health Care Surrogate Have Power Over?

A health care surrogate is somewhat similar to a power of attorney granted to an individual. They are responsible for decision making on behalf of an individual that may no longer be able to make the medical decisions necessary to nurse them back to health or provide for conditions that they may have. If you […]

Why do I need a will?

A will has three main purposes. 1)         Establish a plan for distribution upon your death To document your wishes for how you would like your assets distributed upon your death.  The simplest and most common distribution is what we commonly refer to as an “I Love You Will”.   I give everything to my spouse and […]

The Common Types of Power of Attorney

The power of attorney can be granted in the event that a person becomes unable to perform specified duties. When someone is granted power of attorney over another individual they take control of any transactions listed within their right to do so. The rights of the attorney or agent specialized within the power of attorney […]

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