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Validity of a Springing Power of Attorney in Florida

A Springing Power of Attorney is a specific type of power of attorney that is activated only upon the incapacity of the principal party. Upon the principal party’s determination of incapacity by a physician or a Court Order, the agent designated in the Springing Power of Attorney is then able to secure and manage the […]

The importance of having a Power of Attorney

Partner Jim Ippoliti explains the importance of having a Power of Attorney and a will.  Jim helps individuals and their families develop plans to ensure their health care wishes are honored.

How to Compose a Power of Attorney

Instead of waiting until it is too late, sit down and decide to compose your very own power of attorney. You can not only save yourself a lot of hardship in the future if ever something immobilizing was to happen to you, but you will also be protecting your finances and assets by putting someone […]

Does My Spouse Need a Power of Attorney?

There are many reasons for a spouse to have power of attorney.  The rights awarded to a spouse on the basis of the legal contract of marriage is more limited than you might think.  A power of attorney will grant the spouse the authority to make decisions in the event the other spouse is unable […]

Which Type of Power of Attorney is Right For Your Legal Situation?

If you make decisions for yourself and are over the age of 17, you need a power of attorney established.  There are many different types and choosing the right one can simply be a matter of what your needs are at the moment or foreseeable future.  Even young adults may still need to name their […]


Many people consider the importance of a will as part of their estate plan but never stop to consider the need for a valid Power of Attorney.  A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to choose another person (agent) to transact on your behalf.  It is considered wise to also choose […]

How to override a Power of Attorney in Florida

What is Power of Attorney? A power of attorney grants the right to a person or persons to act on behalf of another. In many cases the authorities provided by such a document are abused or mishandled. To put it as simply as possible, under the new Durable Powers of Attorney Act, it is very […]

Defining Power of Attorney

When a person wishes to create a will, they may also create a power of attorney just in case something may happen in the future to incapacitate them from making individual and legal decisions. Each state may vary on how to create the power of attorney. The person who is given the power of attorney […]

Three things to consider for your power of attorney

A power of attorney designates an individual, group of individuals or organization to make legally binding decisions on your behalf. Powers of attorney safeguard your assets and your life when you are not able to handle your own economic or health affairs. Creating a power of attorney is also one of the most ardent processes, […]

What Does a Health Care Surrogate Have Power Over?

A health care surrogate is somewhat similar to a power of attorney granted to an individual. They are responsible for decision making on behalf of an individual that may no longer be able to make the medical decisions necessary to nurse them back to health or provide for conditions that they may have. If you […]

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