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Oktoberfest Food

One of the most well-known worldwide celebrations is Oktoberfest, a 16 day festival dedicated to all things beer. The official festival is held in Munich, Germany and is attended by over 6 million people each year. For those who can’t make it to Munich, local cities around the world hold their own celebrations and the Brevard County area is no exception. This year Orlando and Viera will be hosting their own weekend tribute festivals.

A big misconception about the Munich Oktoberfest is that it occurs in October. The festival actually begins late in September. Orlando will be home to two separate celebrations this year. The first, the Orlando Oktoberfest, follows with the traditional timing of the Munich festival being held for one day on September 28th from 4pm to 11pm at the Bahia Festival Grounds. Entry to this festival is free and parking is $5 per vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, Oktoberfest is not just about the beer, the food plays just as big a part. The Orlando celebration will include brats, potato salad, and pretzels along with “Schunkel Musik” and “Schuhplattler Dancing”. For the kids in attendance, there will be bouncy houses to enjoy.


The second Orlando Oktoberfest runs from Friday, October 11th through Saturday, October 12th from 5pm to 10pm each evening. This event is also free and features a beer garden for the adults and a root beer garden for kids. There will also be games and contests along with German music, Alpine dancing, and performances by Magic Curtain Productions, a nonprofit community theater. This festival can be found at Avalon Park in the Downtown of East Orlando.

Viera is putting on its first Oktoberfest celebration this year, a couple weeks after the Munich celebration ends from October 25th to 27th. Included in this festival are the typical German food and beers, music, and of course a “hoffbrauhaus” or beer tent. Along with the traditional entertainment, there will be a pumpkin carving contest and Wizard of Oz costume contest. In addition, there will be amusement and hay rides, arts and crafts vendors, and a host of other entertainment. Held on Judge Fran Jameson Way in Viera, the event begins on Friday at 6pm, on Saturday at 8am, and Sunday at 10am.

With three weekends to celebrate Oktoberfest, Brevard County and Orlando are paying tribute to the world’s largest festival in style. So stop on by these celebrations and join in the fun and enjoy some food and drinks. Cheers! Or as the Germans say, Prost!

The Common Stone Pottery Melbourne Florida

The Common Stone Pottery Melbourne FloridaFormer British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher famously quoted, “It used to be about trying to do something. Now it’s about trying to be someone.”  She is right.  Too many people focus their energy nowadays on their self image instead of what they can do.  But that concept is changing back.  There are a few people like Deborah Speer, local owner of The Common Stone Pottery, who still practice and teach others the concept of doing something, rather than being someone.  In her work studio located on 819 E. Strawbridge Ave, Suite #4 in Melbourne, FL, Deborah teaches the art of pottery to anyone who wishes to learn.  If looking to do something creative, this is the very place to be.

The Common Stone Pottery offers pottery wheel classes several times a week for beginners, intermediate, and the advanced pottery makers.  Debra’s courses include six sessions each that run two hours long.  During the first four classes students learn to center the clay which is surprisingly the hardest part of pottery making.  But need not worry!  With Deborah’s ten years of teaching, you are sure to master the skill.  Students make an array of mugs, plates, bowls and pots during the first four classes.  Her last two classes of each course are dedicated to learning under glaze finishing techniques.  Upon completion of the course, the average student typically creates 15 to 20 beautiful pieces.  Talk about doing something

Deborah’s idea for the pottery store began all with the concept of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  In her own way, she follows Margaret Thatcher’s opinion that doing something is better than being someone and after looking her work I must say she is onto something.  The course costs $175 and includes up to 25 pounds of clay along with tools and material to complete the pottery.  Space is limited as there are only six students per class size.  If interested in reserving a spot contact Deborah at (321) 956.6930 and leave a deposit of $50 to hold your space.  The remaining balance is collected at the first class.

The Common Stone Pottery is a place to relax, have fun and be a bit whimsical.  It is a place where symmetry is thrown out the window and wonkers are welcome.  Deborah, herself questions “Does everything have to be so symmetrical?  Are things that are a little bit wonkers more interesting?”   Whether you create a piece to the standards of Warren Mackenzie or a quirky lopsided wonker, all the pieces will be extraordinary, after all this is the place where ordinary people do extraordinary things.