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PODS Wins Case over UHaul

Most people today have heard of PODS by now. If you haven’t, they are a moving company that specializes in offering large containers you can pack your belongings up into that they call pods. The containers are then picked up by a truck and delivered to their final destination to be unpacked by the person […]

Shredded Wheat by Any Other Name…

The argument over intellectual property rights has been around for a long time. There is a quote from Thomas Jefferson where he talks about those who receive ideas from him are receiving a lesson. He says that it doesn’t diminish his idea. He likens it to someone lighting a candle from the light of his […]

Jackson vs. AEG Live

Another day, another Jackson family (as in Michael Jackson) court verdict. It feels like the Jackson’s have constantly been involved in some sort of court case since criminal charges were brought against Michael in 2005 for child sexual abuse. The latest in the seemingly endless civil cases since Michael’s death in June 2009 was settled […]

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