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The Disputed Tattoo

Who do you think was the first person to tattoo a picture of a voluptuous girl on the arm of a sailor?  I don’t believe that fact is known.  If it was, do you think the original tattoo artist would claim the rights to that tattoo?  Do you think the image was copyrighted?  Back when […]

Current Copyright Conundrum

This article is copyrighted, meaning that if you use it in whole or part you are breaking the copyright law and you can get sued for plagiarism. If you are in college you may even get kicked out. However, just because you wrote something doesn’t mean you own it either. If you wrote it as […]

The Process of Obtaining a Copyright

Obtaining a copyright is a process that will keep you entangled in red tape for months. Is this a true or false statement? Why not find out? That’s just what I did. I wanted to know just what went into obtaining a copyright for pictures I have taken. The first thing I did, as I […]

True or False: Copyright Law

What is Copyright Law? Before you can take a quiz about copyright law, you must first understand the definition of a copyright. A copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to the authors of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. […]

Y, M, C, No More?

More likely than not you have heard the “YMCA” at every school dance or wedding you have ever attended. As great or terrible as that might be depending on the love or hate you may feel for the tune, the likelihood of hearing this or some other popular Village People songs might dwindle in the […]

Tattoos – A New Frontier in Copyright Law

Tattoos, an ancient art that has enjoyed a modern renaissance over the past few decades especially as this type of body modification becomes more and more mainstream and socially acceptable. Among the groups of people currently drawn to getting tattoos, it seems professional athletes rank highly on the list. Names such as LeBron James, Mike […]

The Fair Use Doctrine: Does a Parody Qualify?

  By: Tyler Hampy As mentioned in my last post, this post will continue the discussion on the fair use doctrine. Specifically, this post will discuss whether parodies of copyrighted works can be considered fair use. To recap, the fair use doctrine permits the legal use of copyrighted material without first acquiring permission from the […]

Textbook Publishers Sue Boundless Learning for Plagiarism

One of the biggest gripes I had with attending college had to be buying textbooks.  Ten years ago when I was in college, textbooks cost around $500 per semester.  This was an outrageous cost.  Yet, college kids were forced to pay for these books in order to follow along with the teacher’s syllabus.  You would […]

‘Evening of Hope’ inspires support for autism

  BREVARD – One special needs organization in Brevard County is $190,000 closer to meeting its goals, following an evening full of fun, food and fundraising. More than 250 guests from throughout the Space Coast attended “An Evening of Hope IV” last month at the Melbourne home of Florida Tech Board of Trustees member, Joe […]

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