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Can I Patent My Idea?

As the saying goes, every invention is just a combination of things that have already been invented. While this may not strictly be true, many inventions are not entirely new concepts. They are simply improvements over other inventions. When determining whether or not an invention may be patented or whether or not a product may be […]

Current Copyright Conundrum

This article is copyrighted, meaning that if you use it in whole or part you are breaking the copyright law and you can get sued for plagiarism. If you are in college you may even get kicked out. However, just because you wrote something doesn’t mean you own it either. If you wrote it as […]

Inventing as an Employee – What to Know

By: Dan Pierron Inventing is for many employees all in a day’s work, literally.  Very often, engineers, scientists, industrial designers, and many others are innovating new solutions to problems, and developing patentable inventions along the way.  While those individuals are the undisputed inventors of the invention, it is quite likely they are under a contractual […]

What Should Your Focus Be?

Where Should Your Focus Be?

We get wrapped up day in and day out with our careers and sometimes we do not place our focus on the places it should be. Watch this video and determine for yourself if you need to reevaluate some things.

A Fitting End(?) to Apple v. Samsung

By: Dan Pierron Nearly a year ago, the verdict in the patent infringement suit Apple v. Samsung came in, awarding Apple $1 billion in damages.  Samsung has finally paid up, in comical fashion.  I’m pretty sure everyone has thought of repaying an unpalatable debt in this fashion, but Samsung’s chutzpah in doing it is, if a […]

Facebook and Privacy Rights

By: Tyler Hampy During Facebook’s growth, it has introduced new features designed to facilitate its users’ abilities to share and obtain information. Have you ever wondered if any of these features violate your rights to privacy? Could you be waiving your privacy rights by using Facebook? In Cohen v. Facebook, users sued Facebook over the […]

Pinterest and Instagram Users Beware

  By: Tyler Hampy As most readers are probably aware (but for those of you that aren’t), Instagram is a photo-sharing service that allows users to upload and share pictures with other social networking services. Pinterest is a similar photo-sharing service; however, Pinterest is a pinboard-style service that allows users to create and manage theme […]

Ethical Considerations for Electronic Communication with Lawyers

  By: Tyler Hampy Lawyers often use social networking sites to stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues, and there is typically no problem with this. However, many lawyers actively use the social networking sites to share information about their professional lives and broadcast their accomplishments. Sharing this sort of information may cause prospective clients […]

Judge, can you “friend” me?

By: Tyler Hampy Although you may think that Facebook “friends” aren’t really the same thing as real-life friends, the ethical guidelines for lawyers and judges do not make such a distinction. Even though different jurisdictions have taken slightly different approaches with respect to judges using online social networks, the trend is all the same… there […]

Facebook and the First Amendment

    Jennifer O’Brien had been employed as a school teacher in Paterson, New Jersey for many years. In December 2010, O’Brien was assigned to teach the first grade. There were about 700 students in the school where she taught, and the student body consisted almost entirely of minority students, including African Americans and Latinos. […]

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