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Repel Mosquitos with Your Clothing with This Patent Approved Design

Being accepted for a patent in both Canada and the United States allows this company to gain more exposure throughout the world on their virtual intelligent fabric. It is the first step to being able to market and sell throughout the numerous sectors. When it comes to commercializing this type of product, it is going […]

Nintendo Files New Handheld Game Patent

Large companies continually file patents for products and potential products. Gaming company Nintendo is no different. But one patent filed by Nintendo was just uncovered by a Twitter user and shared on his account this week. The patent is of interest because it possibly represents the next generation of handheld gaming devices. The actual patent […]

Google Patent Making Sure You Stick Around After Accident, Literally

A new patent, which Google received on Tuesday, will have pedestrians sticking to your car hood like flies on flypaper.  The purpose of this design is not to prevent the classic “hit and run” scenario, however. It is actually designed to prevent further injury to the pedestrian that was struck. The design is being considered for use […]

The Common Types of Available Patents in the United States

In order to have a patent on a certain product, intellectual property, or an invention you must first file a patent application at the USPTO or the US Patent and Trademark Office located near you. When applying for a patent, even though the invention might have been an easy success for you, the patent can […]

1 Click and a lawsuit

The digital world we live in has made many things complicated.  With the internet, the whole world is connected.  Technology is moving at such a fast pace it is often difficult to determine who came up with what idea first.  This is why trademark and copyright laws have become so important.  Even the most seemingly […]

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