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Design Patents to Protect Your Software

In a previous article, we discussed a legal strategy for protecting software that involved segmenting software into three tiers and protecting each tier separately. Those tiers are as follows: Level One: User Interface Level Two: API Level Three: Algorithms and Data Structures This article focuses on the first tier, which involves how the user interacts […]

Google Patent Making Sure You Stick Around After Accident, Literally

A new patent, which Google received on Tuesday, will have pedestrians sticking to your car hood like flies on flypaper.  The purpose of this design is not to prevent the classic “hit and run” scenario, however. It is actually designed to prevent further injury to the pedestrian that was struck. The design is being considered for use […]

Patent Trolls and Intellectual Property Laws

Are you an inventor? Do you create beautiful paintings or take wonderful pictures? What about an author, are you writing a book? Opening a new business? If you can say yes to any of these questions, you have an interest in Intellectual Property laws. Have you looked into these? As with any law, there are […]

Google Facing Lawsuit Over its Motorola Phones in Germany

Perhaps this is not the first time Google is facing a lawsuit, but this time it has to do with infringed phone technology or so a German court says. Patents are there to protect an innovation, but it is not as simple as it sounds. Patent battles are long and hard with both parties putting […]

Joining Hands to Reduce Patent Fights

In today’s world you see a lot of legal battles going on all the time in regard to patents and trademarks.  For example, you can see a Florida company clashing with a Kansas company and that is a common, everyday occurrence. Companies go in for patents to protect their innovations and to prevent others from […]

Patent War Truce? Google and Apple

In the long running patent litigation war, has Google and Apple finally laid down their swords and shook hands?  It appears to be so.  In May of this year, they announced that they settled or dismissed all remaining patent disputes between each other in both the US and Europe. These lawsuit are years old and […]

Google’s Heart Shaped Trademark

It is truly amazing how much our world has changed over the last thirty years. With cell phones and computers becoming mainstream, even more so than television and with the more recent creation of tablets, there really is little to no time that people find themselves unconnected. It looks like technology will be making another […]

Where to Search for Prior Art

By: Mark R. Malek The first article I posted about this series was directed to the duty to disclose prior art to the Patent Office during the patent prosecution process.  The next article tried to give some information about what constituted prior art.  Now that we know what prior art is, let’s go over some good […]

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