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Cyber Espionage and Global Intellectual Property Wars

We are facing a new era.  One in which everyone on earth is involved in some way or another.  Do you know anyone who has not been a victim of some form of cyber espionage?  We can all probably identify one area of our online lives that has been hacked even if it is as […]

Online Taxes

Fifteen years ago no one could have imagined that shopping online would have become more popular than going to the local mall.  Now people can sit in the comfort of their home, dressed however they want, no makeup, no adhering to store hours and shop to their heart’s content.  And for a time, taxes for […]

Search Engine Optimization and Trademark Infringement

Search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of a company’s online business success. It is what makes them visible to their potential customers. Before we move forward into the case at hand, let’s further understand the definition of a trademark and what it protects. A trademark is a word, symbol, or phrase, used to identify […]

Copyright laws and digital locks

For many years, when someone purchased a movie or a song from an Internet site, it would download and it would become “owned” by the device owner.  It could be moved to another device or even copied multiple times.  The artist would get his share of the royalties from the original sale and we’d all […]

Traklight Secures $350,000 for Protection of Intellectual Property

Traklight, a cloud-based software startup headquartered in Phoenix, announced that they have raised $350,000 from private investors and others in angel funding. The company is planning to utilize the funding for expanding its nationwide sales and marketing efforts. Traklight is subscription-based software start-up targeted to entrepreneurs, lawyers, and other professionals who have to protect intellectual […]

Cyber Crime Laws – What’s the Real Deal?

Over two decades have passed since the wide world web made its grand appearance into the homes of people everywhere. Of course, the government had already been dipping their hands in it for quite some time, but even they were not aware of the true potential within this animal. They were undoubtedly caught with their […]

Food for Thought: Images on the Internet

In this day and age where anyone can write a blog or put up a website many use images found on the internet to use to make their blog more interesting. Many times these bloggers or website owners will then be shut down after getting a threatening letter from an attorney over the use of […]

Brazil Internet Regulation

The international political fall out continues over the revelations of the expansive National Security Agency (NSA) spy program leaked by Edward Snowden. Media attention has been mainly focused on Snowden and his flight to Russia and subsequent asylum. Not as much focus has been paid to the protests across the globe and the especially strong […]

You’ve Been Served, through Facebook?

We have seen Facebook grow from a small college networking site to a global social media giant in less than a decade.  Facebook is used to connect friends and family and promote businesses.  Now over one billion people a month are on Facebook.  With over a billion people using Facebook as a communication channel, the […]

Intellectual Property and Pinterest

Pinterest, the latest thing in social networking sites, could potentially pose major legal problems for individuals or businesses using this service. With the tremendous growth Pinterest has seen since its inception in 2010 (as of February 2013 the site had over 48 million users), it is just a matter of time before some companies may […]

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