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The Cry for Patent Reform and Death to Patent Trolls: States Unite to Answer

If you spend any amount of time looking into cases brought before courts on various levels for intellectual property rights infringements, you will find yourself swimming in a host of well-known names.  Patent trolls, aka: NPE’s or Non-Practicing Entities, have found a niche in the innovative system that is crying for reform.  They lie in […]

Possible Patent Infringement?

Have you ever invented something? If you have you might know what a patent is already. If you don’t already know hopefully your idea wasn’t stolen from you, or maybe you just haven’t had a chance to create the next big thing. Big companies in all sorts of sectors come up with big things. A […]

Why Are Patents Important?

Purpose of Patents A patent is important because it can help safeguard your invention.  It can protect any product, design or process that meets certain specifications according to its originality, practicality, suitability, and utility.  In most cases, a patent can protect an invention for up to 20 years. This time period starts soon as you […]

Patent Wars Aid Growth of Patent Jobs

We have seen patent wars waged between titans such as Google, Samsung and Apple and it has made us all aware of the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) laws and copyright infringements. While the patent wars may not have been financially beneficial to the companies in question, another sector has been growing in number and […]

Judge Randall Rader Resigns From Federal Circuit

Chief Judge Randall Rader Resigns as Chief but will remain on the Federal Circuit.

Is Fee Shifting The Solution To Abusive Patent Litigation Practices?

While fee shifting may be helpful in solving some of the abusive patent litigation practices that are out there now, this can only be useful if a patent litigation cases are taken the distance. In other words, fee shifting principle only applies if the defendant decides to see the case through to its conclusion and only if the defendant actually wins the case.

Supreme Court Rules That Genes Are Not Patentable

Supreme Court Issues Myriad Gene Patent Ruling

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that an isolated gene is not patentable. The Supreme Court also ruled that the method of isolating the genes, as well as the composite DNA that Myriad Genetics developed were both patent eligible.

Continued Obligation to Monitor Small Entity Status in the Patent Office

By: Mark R. Malek As you may recall, my last couple of articles have been about the different statuses that an inventor can claim when paying fees to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  The first of these series of articles was an introduction to the micro-entity status, which allows inventors that qualify as […]

So What Is The Big Deal With Patents?

By: Mark R. Malek Patent rights are derived from the U.S. Constitution.  Many people mistakenly call patents rights a monopoly, but that is not exactly accurate.  I will be posting a follow up article on this one that explains precisely why patents are not monopolies, and why it drives me completely nuts when people call them […]

Patent Litigation in the News – About the Players, not the Issues

By: Dan Pierron Carnegie Mellon v. Marvell recently received a jury verdict in the amount of over $1.1 billion from Marvell’s infringement of a CMU patent.  The stories involved with patent litigation are nothing new; comments on articles about this suit have included the usual arguments of invalidity due to overbreadth (which is to be expected […]

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