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Master Settlement Agreement

Have you ever heard of the McDonald’s settlement to the lady who complained the coffee was too hot?  Many thought the settlement was ridiculously high.  But that settlement is not the largest settlement in the United States.  The largest settlement in the United States is the Master Settlement Agreement and it involved a $206 billion […]

Civil Rights and Civil Court

The atmosphere in the United States lately is all about civil rights being violated.  There are people claiming they are being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, their age and their race.  In the past year we are all too familiar with the claim from the black population that they are being targeted by […]

Civil Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit is a lawsuit that is filed to determine the rights and liabilities of a party.  These lawsuits normally are private disputes between corporations or individuals.  The disputes could be due to a violation of a contract or other injuries received in an accident. If you fell in a retail store due to […]

Jacksonville, Florida Dentist Facing Civil and Criminal Charges for Child Abuse in the Dental Chair

Dr. Howard Schneider is facing a whole slew of accusations from almost 80 different pending civil lawsuits.  The 78 year old pediatric dentist is at the center of an “epidemic of dental abuse.”    One mother posted a picture on social media of her daughter’s mouth with her horrific story on May 21st of this year.  […]

Martese Johnson’s $3 Million Civil Lawsuit

March 18th, earlier this year, a young University of Virginia honors student, Martese Johnson, was arrested outside an Irish Pub.  The 20 year old’s arrest quickly went viral on the internet.  A graphic image of his bloody face was taken by “Concerned Black Students”.  He received 10 stitches to his head and face.  The charges […]

Settling a Civil Dispute before it goes to Court

The process of settling a dispute between two parties is known as litigation.  When two parties have tried to reach a mutual solution to an agreed upon disagreement and cannot solve it on their own, they may bring their dispute to civil court.  This is most commonly known as suing someone, or bringing suit, a […]

The Georgia Naked Man Civil Suit

Anthony Hill was fatally shot on March 9 earlier this year by a Dekalb county police officer, Robert Olsen in his suburban apartment complex outside of Atlanta.  The case review was just conducted on Thursday, October 22.  The mother of the deceased is optimistic that Olsen will be indicted on the charges. Officer Olsen has […]

Can you Sue your Landlord?

Florida backs up renters by giving them the opportunity to sue their landlord if they are not being treated right. Now this does not mean that you can sue your landlord because you are unhappy with the amount of rent that he is charging or the color of the furniture he put in the apartment […]

Civil Court: You are not a Criminal

Did you know there was a difference between a civil and criminal case? For starters, when you are sued in civil court, you do not start the process off in handcuffs – so you have that going for you. And anyone can sue you in civil court, for things that you might never imagine would […]

The George Zimmerman Case & Civil Law

In order to not know about the George Zimmerman case you must have been living under a rock since February 26, 2012.  George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin on that date in Sanford, Florida.  The public and the media tried him even before the official trial.  Everyone had their opinion on his guilt or innocence.  […]

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