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Light Saber Choreography and Fight Companies Infringe on LucasFim

Star Wars has been popular for over three decades now, and with the latest movies coming out in the past few years, it’s no wonder that people are trying to cash in on them as much as possible. There’s still a strong following for the Star Wars movies, and there are a bunch of companies […]

How Intellectual Property Laws Help Make Athletes More Effective

While it might sound a bit out there, intellectual property laws are part of what helps athletes improve. Athletes rely on technology and tools just as much as the next person, and some of the created technologies available make them better than they were before. For this reason, most athletes have been improved thanks to […]

IP Law Offices are Providing Raises to Lawyers Specializing in the Field

Lawyers that specialize in the field of IP law are now being granted raises, jobs and the joining of law firms with one another. This is to boost the appeal of many law offices that do not specialize in this field. Many of them are getting requests to be covered under their legal counsel, but […]

A New Draft in IP Law Proposes Some Major Changes

IP News Abroad Turkey is preparing for some up and coming changes that they’re going to be making to their IP law. These new laws are for the people that own these rights, looking to make them stronger and better at protecting the overall well-being of the owners, without having to worry about further issues […]

Important Party Information for Licensing Agreements

A licensing agreement is where there is given permission, written and signed, that a party can market or create a certain product without legal hassle. Preparing a licensing agreement can take a lot of research and composition before having the final draft. This writing process could potentially demand the help of an attorney to assist […]

Unfair Competition Protection

Protection against unfair competition is an area of Intellectual property that is not as well-known as copyrights or patents. This is an area that has been under some sort of protection within contracts and agreements for well over a century, but the reasoning for it being part of intellectual property is not generally as obvious […]

What is a trade secret?

Special sauces, secret ingredients, secret inner workings, special ways to train employees; we come in contact with products and brands that have these trade secrets every day.  These trade secrets are what make that product so special.  Have you ever wondered how a company legally protects those trade secrets?  In almost all states, a trade […]

Monetary Damages in Intellectual Property Cases

In most intellectual property lawsuits (relating to copyrights or trademarks, for example), it is often very difficult for a plaintiff to calculate the exact measure of infringement. Therefore, any damages are normally calculated as a multiple of the price for the use of the property.   Other statutes can set a determined amount for every day […]

Intellectual Property and Conflict of Interest

Intellectual property might be a mystery to many.  What is it?  Intellectual property is something created by a person, like a type of document that is created by using an individual’s intellect and creativity. Any person, who creates music, writes, makes a movie or takes photographs, can use the definition of intellectual property to describe […]

Is Intellectual Property Management in the Future for all Companies?

Who’s suing for what?  What is pending against who?  Why are they filing where?  Thousands of intellectual property cases are making their way on dockets across the country each year.  It would almost make sense these days to have a separate division strictly for handling intellectual property issues in every business in corporate America. Intellectual […]

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