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Negotiating the Distribution of Patented Products: Questions to Ask

When a company is ready to bring its debut product to market, excitement may run high. The importance of protecting the company’s intellectual property rights in the new product is paramount. While the company may enter contract negotiations with its distributor in good faith and in anticipation of creating a mutually beneficial agreement, a lack […]

Negotiating the Distribution of Patented Products: Points to Consider

Every week, it seems, another news story appears about an innovative startup preparing to launch its new take on a product to a waiting market. While consumers and companies alike often eagerly anticipate these launches, they also pose potential risks to the company and its ownership of its intellectual property. Today’s marketplace is more competitive […]

Students are Fighting Ridiculous University IP Laws

Students are increasingly running into issues where they create innovations while as a student at a University and the University has a policy in place stating that the creations belong to them, or partially belong to them. This is a serious issue that is taking away from the creations of our youth and Caleb Carr […]

How Intellectual Property Laws Help Make Athletes More Effective

While it might sound a bit out there, intellectual property laws are part of what helps athletes improve. Athletes rely on technology and tools just as much as the next person, and some of the created technologies available make them better than they were before. For this reason, most athletes have been improved thanks to […]

How Patents Work

Patents are paper documents and records that grant ownership of an idea to a person. In other words, if you come up with a brilliant idea, such as a gasoline powered engine, you can create a patent, or a detailed description of your invention, and then file a patent surrounding it. The patent is held […]

What you need to know about Virtual Patent Marking

How About Clothing That Alerts You of Things You Forget?

Another type of clothing material, that is being considered one of the smartest fabrics out there is currently being developed and designed for users. Made with numerous wearable sensors, these clothing items are able to help the person do many different things and alerts them when they forget one thing or another. The fabric was […]

The Importance of the NDA

You are excited – you finally came up with an invention. You cannot wait to get your ideas out there, but before you do, you have to protect yourself. This is done with an NDA. This agreement is almost always warranted when you come up with an invention. Think of it as your protection against […]

Unfair Competition Protection

Protection against unfair competition is an area of Intellectual property that is not as well-known as copyrights or patents. This is an area that has been under some sort of protection within contracts and agreements for well over a century, but the reasoning for it being part of intellectual property is not generally as obvious […]

What Does the Future Hold for Software Patents?

As technology continues on the fast track, what was once a novel and innovative idea will become commonplace and taken for granted just like the cell phone and air conditioning.  It poses quite the threat to intellectual property rights when you stop long enough to think about it. Eolas Eolas is the name of the […]

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