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How do you Calculate Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are available in many types of personal injury claims.  These damages are intended as punishment for the offenders and also discouragement from committing this type of offense in the future.  The damages are typically awarded in extreme cases where it has been determined that the defendant with disregard for the plaintiff’s safety. There […]

Types of personal injury accidents

Personal injury accidents are exactly what is says; injuries to your body.  The most common cause of a personal injury is from car accidents, falls, accidents in the home and at work, assaults and product defects.  These accidents cause injuries that range from the very minor, lacerations, to the severe, internal injuries or worse.  We’ve […]

What is a tort?

Oh, the terms you see and hear when dealing with the legal system.  There’s “Juris prudence” or “pro se” and let’s not forget “ex parte”.  The legal system does seem to have its own language.  A word that is commonly used is “tort”.  Some terms or words can be figured out by looking at the […]

Wacky Lawsuits

Today’s world has become a world of people seeking to be rich and people also seeking to never have responsibility for their actions.  This combination has led to some of the most ridiculous lawsuits ever filed.  For those of us who are a bit more responsible, these lawsuits at least offer some entertainment value. Have […]

Sinkholes and Who is at Fault?

I don’t know what you think but, to me, there seems to be more and more sinkholes in the U.S.A. recently.  Just within the last few days, there was a sinkhole reported in Ocala, Florida.  As a matter of fact, Florida seems to have an overabundance of sinkholes.  Perhaps the “Sinkhole State” should replace “Sunshine […]

Traffic and Personal Injuries During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us.  As people are dashing to and fro, desperately trying to finish their shopping, the roadways are clogged up with more than the normal amount of cars.  It is also a time of year when deliveries by truck are at an all-time high.  Add to this, the fact that we all […]

Could You File a Toxic Mold Claim?

There has been much concern over toxic mold and the serious health concerns that they present over the years.  Most molds are actually pretty harmless, but in warm, humid weather like Florida, toxic molds can grow to dangerous levels.  Some of these molds can be found in your home and can cause devastating health complications.  […]

Marriage or Civil Union

The debate over whether gay and lesbian couple should be able to legally marry is still a controversial debate, despite the fact that a majority of states now have legalized gay and lesbian marriages.  To understand why there are such strong emotions on both sides of the fence one has to realize the definition of […]

Would Peter Fonda’s “Easy Rider” be legal in Florida?

One thing I like to do is compare movies, TV shows and books to real life. Is this something that could happen? Are the facts around the story real? Do the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy use actual medical terms and procedures? Are the arrests made on Law and Order SVU real charges? So, in taking […]

Insurance and Personal Injury Claims

So you’ve been injured in some way and are losing time at work and falling behind on your bills.  You’ve probably hired an attorney and are in the process of filing a personal injury claim against the person or persons you feel are responsible for your current situation.  Before you start counting your money, there […]

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