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Getting Hurt by a Product Can End up in Civil Court

You purchase a product with the grand idea that it is going to make your life better in some way, shape or form. But what happens when that purchased product ends up hurting you or does not deliver as promised? Are you able to get financial compensation for the damages that you suffered or the […]

Different Types of Civil Law Cases

In the United States for a civil lawsuit, a person has to be found to be guilty without any doubt to be convicted.  Civil law encompasses many different types of cases.  It can be confusing at times so understanding what kind of cases are considered to be civil will help you know whether you have […]

Wacky Lawsuits

Today’s world has become a world of people seeking to be rich and people also seeking to never have responsibility for their actions.  This combination has led to some of the most ridiculous lawsuits ever filed.  For those of us who are a bit more responsible, these lawsuits at least offer some entertainment value. Have […]

Civil Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit is a lawsuit that is filed to determine the rights and liabilities of a party.  These lawsuits normally are private disputes between corporations or individuals.  The disputes could be due to a violation of a contract or other injuries received in an accident. If you fell in a retail store due to […]

Martese Johnson’s $3 Million Civil Lawsuit

March 18th, earlier this year, a young University of Virginia honors student, Martese Johnson, was arrested outside an Irish Pub.  The 20 year old’s arrest quickly went viral on the internet.  A graphic image of his bloody face was taken by “Concerned Black Students”.  He received 10 stitches to his head and face.  The charges […]

The George Zimmerman Case & Civil Law

In order to not know about the George Zimmerman case you must have been living under a rock since February 26, 2012.  George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin on that date in Sanford, Florida.  The public and the media tried him even before the official trial.  Everyone had their opinion on his guilt or innocence.  […]

Nvidia vs. Samsung – It’s Not Just a Chip

It can be almost comical at times to see “the big dogs” fighting to stay on top of the pack of a multi billion dollar industry: technology. When we think of patents, trademarks and copyrights, we often think of “the little guy” and his calculated efforts to leave his footprint, whether large or small, in […]

Tobacco Lawsuits aren’t over!

In the 1950’s, after years of being declared that smoking is safe and even healthy, scientific studies were published that proved once and for all, that a link existed between cigarette smoking and cancer.  At that time, the lawsuits started.  Tobacco companies were being sued regarding product liability, negligence and even fraud.  You would think […]

A New Bollywood Lawsuit

The International Indian Film Academy Awards were recently held for the first time in the United States.  In fact, the awards, known affectionately as the Bollywood film awards were held in our very own state in the Tampa Bay area.  Unfortunately, like most big award shows or ceremonies, it did not occur without its share […]

Firefighters and the Public Duty Doctrine

The story: On January 25, 2014 Medric Mills suffered a heart attack.  He was on a public street – right across from Engine 26, a fire station in Washington, DC.  His daughter, who was with him, screamed across the street in order to get help from trained professionals.  Bystanders who stopped to help were also […]

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